Peace-making is a healing process and it begins with me, but it does not end there.

Gene Knudsen Hoffman

FAQ - Genetic Peace Grid Information Centre

What is Genetic Peace Grid?

The Genetic Peace Grid serves as the Millennial Network arm of the Oughten House. Its function is to manage, and disseminate educational materials worldwide and to connect all centers around the world into one organization that works on creating and sustaining “A World in Peace.”

How is Genetic Peace Grid different from other Grids?

This ethereal Grid connects its members through genetic consciousness. This is proven real subtle energy. The more members connected, the more empowered the Grid and its membership. Every human affects Humanity. Your biological DNA consciousness affects society’s DNA consciousness. The Grid is the results of using your Free Will to perform and experience the DNA Activation for “A World in Peace.” The same occurs for a society. When the critical mass of a society has activated its DNA Activation for “A World in Peace,” the behavioral process of the Grid becomes more sustainable. It is a proven fact that the Millennial generation brings forth a sharper and more focused streams of consciousness for improvement into existing society. This is a worldwide process. Therefore, the trust for change stems from the Millennials (age 18-35), more so than societies’ adult populations.

What is the basic roll-out plan for the Genetic Peace Grid?

We plan to have Genetic Peace Grid Clusters in as many places possible throughout world, therefore, clusters could be considered any group of two or more people, from families to Government Agencies.

What is an example of the day-to-day operations planned for a Genetic Peace Grid Clusters?

Each Cluster needs to have two members available throughout the day and evening. They will offer educational services provided by the Oughten House Foundation including, books, articles, reference materials, Power Point Presentations, and DNA Activations for “A World in Peace” as their primary objectives. Other activities are to fund raise, reach out into the community, and work closely with government agencies and educational institutions.

How do I become a participant and/or host in this Genetic Peace Grid?

Simply contact Oughten House and our staff will email you what you need. Best to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are serious and desire to serve as a Host, please request that a “HOST PACKAGE” be sent.

What can I do to help Genetic Peace Grid Network?

Get people to sign up by “Joining our “eNewsletter database,” but please, no spamming. People must agree and have a good intent. If you submit your list, please let the individuals know what you are doing. Acquire leads and contacts from persons whom might be interested in our “A World in Peace Program.” Best to work with people of like minds and souls and respect the free will of others.

How can I donate?

Donations will help us translate and publish the book and manuals in impoverished countries. Best to use PayPal services, which can be done right from our website: and/or WWW.DNAPEACEGRID.ORG. You can also mail a check or international money order. Receipts are provided when requested.

Grid School Projects

Parents and teachers need to be more assertive in their schools and demand more activities in support of World Peace. Children love to talk about Peace (they must know something adults do not). Encourage them to be more active in this topic. Get involved!